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WWE RAW Results – 7/30/18 (Brock Lesnar and Ronda Rousey return, Rollins vs. McIntyre)WWE Raw Review: July 4, 2011 Is Texas Holdem Luck or Skill 27 Jun 2011 .. RAW Roulette was an idea that was hatched in 2002, repeated in 2003, and .. 2 of 5.

Shock Master • The awesome TLC match from Raw Roulette … Tweet. #WWE #Raw #TLC #Tables #Ladders #Chairs #Chris Jericho #Rob Van Dam #Kane #Jeff Hardy #Bubba Ray Dudley #Spike Dudley #Christian #Tag titles. TLC Match Note, Possible SSlam Spoiler, RAW Roulette? R.D. sent along the following: At SummerSlam, this will be the first TLC match NOT involving Edge since 2002 when it was a TLC match on Raw for theFunny thing is that the Raw after SummerSlam will be in Las Vegas and is being rumored of being a Raw Roulette as well. Strange coincidence.

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Monday Night Raw – October 7, 2002 ..... Monday Night Raw – February 19, 2018 (Longest Match in WWE History) ..... Smackdown – May 24, 2001 (TLC III). Professional wrestling match types - IPFS

The official Instagram account on the WWE Network posted the following photo, looking back at a TLC match that took place during RAW on October 8th, 2002 during the RAW Roulette event

Kane – Online World of Wrestling October 16, 1995 – RAW: Bret Hart defeated Isaac Yankem in a Cage Match! (Lawler was suspended in a Cage above the ring!). Online World of Wrestling RAW Kickoff: Snazzy Las Vegas Raw Roulette video package + Eric Bischoff.. Spike Dudley – Online World of Wrestling

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... TLC Match at RAW Roulette 2002 ... Triple H vs Dlo Brown in a Raw Roulette Blindfold match. ... Some prefer the third one on Smackdown with the original TLC ... FULL-LENGTH MATCH - Raw - TLC 4 - YouTube