How to record poker hands on online poker

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The online guys have it much easier for record keeping. People are terrible at remembering the details of hands even an hour after they are played, so to improve we need to write down the hands as soon as possible. In an earlier post, I covered how to write up an individual hand history. This […]

PokerStars Online Museum - The History of PokerStars From the first day of operations in 2001, every single real money hand history of PokerStars has been recorded, and made available to players on request. PokerTracker - Online Poker Software, Player Stats Tracking & HUD PokerTracker 4 includes the most comprehensive set of charts and graphs ... Holdem Hand Range Visualizer shows results in ranges of hands or the raw values ... Joey Ingram (JoeIngram1) Recaps 50,000 Online Poker Hands Prop Bet Dec 10, 2009 ... Online poker player Joey "JoeIngram1" Ingram discusses his prop bet ... bet that involved setting the world record for number of hands played.

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Grit & the Grind: How Great Poker Players Get Great | Poker What makes a great poker player great? Magical talent? Ridiculously high IQ? Turns out it's actually an old-fashioned formula - lots of really hard work.

This book is the perfect companion for any live poker player. Use it to record interesting hands, track your results. ... By the time I'm out of the poker room and in the car I am already struggling to remember the specifics of the hands I wanted to ...

How do you trust on the online poker site when playing … Just for the record, poker sites, especially the bigger ones (stars) are winning boatloads of money from rake.It makes no sense for a profitable poker site to cheat because this industry is black and white. If they will be caught cheating, all players will leave the site and they will be closed. How to Play Poker Online: Tips and Guidelines |… Online poker is a popular pastime these days, one that requires a specific strategy to be successful. Learn more about this strategy.Hand-in-hand with television in the recent surge in popularity of poker is the opportunity to play poker on the Internet. You can find an online poker game any time... How to Play Online Poker: A Short Guide for Live Players

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How To Play Poker For Beginners | HowToPlayPokerInfo I have been playing poker online, on and off, since I turned 18 (and maybe a little before then too!) but never took it more seriously than playing part-timeI mostly play cash games poker but also dabble in tournaments from time to time. The hands shown above were all played at zoom on PokerStars which... How to Play Poker | Poker Videos Online Poker Rooms (2).Learn to Play Poker – Poker, mainly Texas Holdem, is one of the worlds most popular card games, played by millions.Starting hands for Full Ring and Shorthanded play.This video talks about how to win at poker practically every time you play. Online Poker Tells - How to take advantage - PokerVIP How to identify online opponents tells by Timing, Long wait and Check and many more.A tell is a change in a player's behavior or action that indicates their possible perception of the hand. Tells are a part of poker and this social element of the game is what makes it so interesting and popular. The Poker Hand Rankings |